Why No Show for Upasana Singh in The Kapil Sharma Show?

Upasana Singh hasn’t quit The Kapil Sharma Show but still not appeared in Kapil Sharma‘s show since Naseem Vicky returned home. This explains why No Show for Upasana Singh in The Kapil Sharma Show.


When Mirror reached out to Upasana she had a different story to tell: “My character, Twinkle, was introduced with a producer-husband played by Pakistani actor Naseem Vicky.

But in the wake of the ongoing Indo-Pak tensions, he had to go back to Pakistan, leaving the makers clueless about what they wanted to do with my character.”



Previously Upasana Singh, who plays Bua in ‘Comedy Nights Live’, has quit the show over creative differences with the production house. When the whole team decided to support Kapil Sharma and join his show on another channel, Upasana Singh was the only one who stayed behind.


comedy nights with kapil Best Kapil , Sumona,Upasna(Bua),Ali Asgar( Dadi),Sunil Grover




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