Why #PakStandsWithKejriwal is Trending in Pakistan?

See the Irony, What should have been #IndiaStandsWithKejriwal is now #PakStandsWithKejriwal! Pakistan is proud of Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal must be rewarded for his Pakistan Love.

Pakistani Media is quoting Arvind Kejriwal as potential proof to Their Modified story of No Surgical Strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. In a Way Arvind Kejriwal has indirectly supported Pakistani Media in Propagating false News. Way to Go, you can now be PM of Pakistan! Problem with Immature Politicos of AAP is that they think they are only intelligent left in this Fool’s World and world strictly revolves around them.


It is indeed Pakistan’s Surgical Attack on India by Arvind Kejriwal.

Let us see some prominent reactions at Twitter



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