Karmphal Data Shani:- Why Suryadev refused to accept Shani Dev as his son?

If you have started watching Karmphal Data Shani TV Serial on Colors, you must be asking ” Why Suryadev refused to acknowledge  Shani Dev as his son? ” or the version shown in TV serial is true. Well almost!

Shani is represented as having a dark complexion and is said to be the son of Surya, the sun god, and Chaya, the servant whom his wife Swarna surrogated.


Abandonment of Lord Shani by father


When God Shani was in the womb of Chaya, Shiv Bhaktini Chaya was so engrossed in penance of God Shiva that she did not care for her food even.

She prayed so intensely during her penance that the prayers had a profound influence on the child in her womb. As a result of such a great penance of Chaya, without food and shade in the blazing sun, the complexion of God Shani became black.

When God Shani was born, Surya was surprised to see his dark complexion. He began to doubt Chaya. He insulted Chaya by saying that this was not his son.

 Seeing his son, who was very much unlike his own self- radiant and strong, Lord Sun refused to accept him and abandoned both his son, Shani and his wife Chhaya. Both mother and son faced disdain and humiliation and suffered through great pain of abandonment.

Lord Shani dev Aarti


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