Nice Terror Attack, France
Nice Terror Attack, France

Why #TruckHasNoReligion is trending on Twitter- Nice Terror Attack, France

It seems users at Twitter had enough with Fake Liberals Reporting, who apparently had different agenda all the time. For Them A terrorist in Kashmir is innocent son of Headmaster but not a twisted crooked terrorist. And these definitions change for them as per their convenience. They see ill effects of Pellet gun  on these, stone throwing young Kashmiris yet so innocent but sacrifices of Indian soldiers don’t raise that kind of emotions in them.  So Tweeples thought these Elite Journalists won’t be naming and shaming these terrorists, So In Order to teach them  a lesson they instead tried to establish religion of Truck which was involved in Nice Terror Attack in France.

Salute to Tweeples for their Hard Hitting Reactions and Sarcastic Tweets.

Reactions at Twitter

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