Why we should not be Serious about Manmohan Singh’s Speech in Rajya Sabha?

When opposition parties are going gaga over Manmohan Singh’s Speech in Rajya Sabha, Majority of Indian are not moved. Yes we are happy that atleast he spoke freely that too in BJP’s Rule. As Many users at  Twitter have noted it as a sign of ‘Achche Din’ that MMS got a chance to speak freely.

Now comes the intention and range of speech. One who deemed to be utmost honest should had spoken against when all kind of corruption broke in his regime. But he was a mere spectator then.

Please watch this Video to know what was MMS condition when he was a Puppet PM:-



Now i request you all to watch and assess his speech rationally, what amount of pressure he is in that he is out of sleep force to speak.

Dr Manmohan Singh’s speech on Demonetisation of Currency in Rajya Sabha I November 24 2016



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