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World Obesity Day-Are you Game?

World Obesity Day


Do you Know,India being ranked as the third most obese country in the world!

BMI- “If a person’s BMI is higher than 22, they are considered overweight. But it is only when a person’s BMI is 30 or higher is he/she considered to be obese.

Another easy way is to calculate the waist: hip ratio. The ratio of the waist to hip circumference ideally should be less than 0.85 or 0.90.

Body mass index or BMI is calculated as weight in kilograms (kg)/ height in square meters.

BMI measurement and gradation of obesity table for Asians:

18 to 23.0 Normal
23 to 27.5 Overweight
27.5 to 37.5 Obese
> 37.5 Morbidly obese

This is the Kind of Ranking One will never desire for his country.

So Time to make some amends.Our Task is little tougher considering our Carb obsessed food habits.

We need serious changes in Our food habits ,my previous post will certainly help in this Regard.Introduction to Nutritional Facts of Your Food

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