Courtesy ANI News

Yashwant Sinha had allegedly slammed Narendra Modi government and predicted that it may meet same fate as that of Indira Gandhi’s, but now he has come up with some complex wording possibly to soothe the pain he caused to BJP. He had tried to clarify his stance (ANI Reported) but i am confused as it is still the same.

Even his son Jayant Sinha has tried to clarify on his father’s Behalf.

When some people referred to some cases of intolerance. I reminded them of imposition of Emergency by Indira Gandhi and I said that people of this country taught her a lesson in 1977. because it is not in our spirit to be intolerant, it is not in our spirit to stifle dialogue. And therefore both democracy is alive and dialogue is alive. That is what I said. Anyone who has reported this, has completely misunderstood what I have said- BJP leader Yashwant Sinha to ANI