French President Francois Hollande said this lethal attack on the southern city of Nice was clearly a ‘terrorist’ assault and that the state of emergency imposed since a previous attack on Paris last November would be extended for another three months. “There’s no denying the terrorist nature of this attack of yet again the most extreme form of violence,”. NICE terror despite France being under state of emergency: “you asked for it”, says ISIS.

Live Updates on Nice Attack

31 year old Tunisian allegedly involved in Bastille Day France Terror attack in Nice

“France was struck on its national day … the symbol of freedom,” said Hollande.


It happened as, when an attacker drove a truck at high speed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in the French Riviera city of Nice late on July 14. He killed at least 77 people and injured scores more
French authorities said police shot and killed the driver, who drove the heavy, long-distance truck for over a mile into the mass of spectators leaving a fireworks display along the famed Promenade des Anglais seafront.

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